Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Over the last couple months I started following a blog because it was one of those that pulled at your heart. Not even sure how I came across this blog. People found themselves hoping and praying things would go the way everyone would want. Favorable. With a miracle. When I say with a miracle, that doesn't mean things would turn out perfect because nothing is perfect in this world but any triumphs in this situation would be a miracle. Things just weren't looking good from an earthly prospective.

The last few days several updates were made and miracles were happening, but those miracles (and if true) would still have a sad ending. It's what was happening in the middle that was the main focus of prayer and the miracle, for hundreds of readers. I opened the blog this morning to see how things were going, sort of like a novel where you can't put it down. The blog is gone. Now, yesterday an entry was made about the author/s being attacked by unfathomable comments/emails and horrible things were being done to pics they posted. Makes one think how sick and cruel people are in this world. Understandably, the author had removed the anonymous comment ability about a week ago. Yesterday, they removed all entries and placed one that said they were simply going to put current updates and that would be the only one visible and no comments were allowed. This morning, the whole thing is "removed". I guess I'm just wondering why not take it private. At least the owner of the blog has a temporary, safe keeping to the chronological events of this special time. Hell, they very well could have been safe keeping the entries elsewhere and just figured the blog wasn't needed with all the hate being put on them. No one will ever know.

With finding the blog gone, there are so many "what if's". I personally don't want to accept that it was a hoax, because for one...who has that much time on their hands to create something that elaborate and two, what would make someone so sick to think up such a story? The other thing is what kind of person would attack another going through what this family was going through? Sick people, that's who. We all know hoaxes happen. It's the internet and well...people think it's a playland where there are no rules or feelings. I can't say elaborate schemes in sucking people in (for whatever twisted reason) as a farce hasn't happened, because it has. I've seen it first hand and have also been the brunt of shitty things regarding my dad's passing. (Who the fuck says shitty things to another when a loved one passes away?) I just think that if you are the creator of a scheme like that, you'll get yours in the end. People who do that, play with fire.

I'll have to tweak my prayers regarding this situation from here out. I don't want to believe it was a hoax~