Saturday, March 7, 2009

America's Cover Girl?

Sitting here watching the news this morning and I have to laugh at some of the things being said and where these news hosts come up with their story subjects. The First Lady is America's Cover Girl? Seriously now, I'm lmao on that one!

I recently met up with a childhood friend of mine at Fishbone's. We spent about two hours catching up which was great. We had been friends from elementary school to our sophmore year of high school when she moved away. Funny thing is she moved just a few towns over but back then, getting to her town was rather "far" so the get togethers became fewer and fewer. we laughed at how things have changed so much and the town she moved to had sort of just melted into a few towns over as the years have gone by. Hell, you used to travel a country road to get to her new town but now it's all city streets and just a hop, skip and a jump. It was great reconnecting with her and find out what she's been doing all these years. We'll definitely keep in touch and get together again.

Things are good on the homefront. Nothing new or exciting going on. The weather is crazy as is in most parts of the east. We went from 65 degree days to 6 inches of snow just 5 days ago and today we are hitting 75. Funny thing is we still have some snow in our yard where the direct sun hasn't melted. What's left will melt today without a doubt. The snow was pretty but damn, not in March.

I hope all those Obama supporters are happy with what a fine job he's doing and how freely he's doling out the moolah. Jesus. Our kids, their kids and their grandkids will be forever busting their asses to pay that back. Our country is crumbling and gone to hell in a handbasket.

Toodles. Enjoy this fabulous weather~

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