Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I know times are tough what with all the millions of people out of jobs and our president focusing relentlessly on shoving government run healthcare down our throats instead of putting American's back to work, but surely you can scrounge up a few bucks to purchase the new Michelle Obama Action Figure!
Those toned arms! Those awesome sleeveless dresses which prominantly highlight those toned arms! Those nifty black flats! That hip and happening hair! That smile!
What will they think of next?


Anonymous said...

OMFG are you kidding me?! Seriously I am not seeing what everyone else is seeing in her. I think she looks like a man. A big man at that. The doll is hysterical!


Karen said...

I was thinking the doll was more scary than anything. There's nothing soft about her. The doll doesn't do her real eyebrows justice. She has them arched in that scowling, mean villain look. Not really something a kid would find cuddly for sure, but as a joke it is hysterical!

Missie said...

Yea, okay, I want two. LOl

I also want an Obamachia! LOL

Maybe this is his way to get the economy going? LOL

Karen said...

If this is their plan to stimulate the economy, they better have a back up plan!