Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lose the race card already


Jimmy Carter insists that disagreeing with Obama means we're racists. I just saw a clip of him on TV and he referred to dissenters as "radical." Oooooo---radical racists! Can't get any more hateful than that! Did he take a look at the majority of attendees at the Tea Parties? Most of them are over the age of 50 and looked about as harmful as teddy bears. to Jimmy Carter: Last time I checked, we still live in the USA where we supposedly have free speech. Methinks Jimma Cahtah is projecting HIS (racist) beliefs onto legitimate protesters. How in the world can he explain how he got inside the heads of millions of people to come to this nefarious conclusion? He can't. It's mere speculation and a ploy to derail opposition.

The former failed president needs to go back to picking peaches off trees or something because he's making a colossal fool of himself. We're getting desensitized to the cries of racism because they are being thrown at us from every direction at the drop of a hat. It's losing it's power to shut people up. That's a crying shame for all those who pull it out to silence differing opinions. Whatever will all these race card throwing fanatics do when the race card has been played out?

Jimmy Carter also attacked people who live in the south and I'm sick and tired of that nonsense. I guess he forgot he lives in the south himself, consequently tossing himself into the racist southern hillbilly category. White people who preach to other whites about racism in public arenas make me suspicious that their motives for doing so have nothing to do with the people they are defending and everything to do with elevating themselves to hipster heights while pretending to be color blind.

Here's a little advice, Jimmy: Live and let live. Burn those race cards!

PS: Does Jimmy ever stop to think about how it is ok for HIM to sit in judgement of the entire south all the while demanding that WE shut up and just go along with the fascist agenda of the NWO ? Hypocrite much????


Missie said...

I think Jimmy has dementia!

I'm so tired of the race card. Besides Jimmy, the only one who playes the race card is those who have done wrong

Anonymous said...

ISn't that some shit??!!! He's an idiot. I'm so sick and tired of the bs race card. Please, people who used to support him (white OR black) have lost trust in the prez. What's to say about the blacks that oppose him now? They don't count? Jesus. Our country is so screwed right now.