Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hockey Mom (me) for McCain/Palin

My favorite part of watching the presidential debates is how after the debate is over, the media comes on and tells us what we just saw, and I am left scratching my head as to whether we have all been watching the same thing because our views are so completely different with regard to the same event. It's like looking outside and seeing a snow storm dropping 3 feet of snow all around, and then the news comes and tells us it's sunny outside with temperatures high in the 80's. Alrighty then!

I'd like to point out how ridiculous this notion is that all Barak Obama needed to do to win the debate was show up. I have to wonder just how many screws are loose in the heads of folks who think like that. That's a completely irresponsible approach to choosing a president. How many of us are permitted to show up at our jobs, do nothing, and get rewarded with a promotion or pay raise? How many mothers feel as though simply waking up in the morning is enough effort to put forth into raising responsible human beings? I mean, really. What I've learned from my time on earth is that when we expect NOTHING, we get nothing. I want more for America. I would really like to know why are we asking so little of Barak Obama.

Here's something else I find curious. I keep hearing about how Barak Obama is ahead in the area I live, but if you take a little spin around town, for every 10 McCain/Palin posters I see displayed, I will only see 1 for Barak/Biden. If there is such overwhelming support for this man, as I am being told by media, then why am I not seeing it with my own two eyes? What I hear from the media is completely contradictory to what I am seeing in my every day life. Part of my double major in college was Journalism (many, many years ago so let's not go there). What I am witnessing going on in the media right now is nothing short of scandalous. Reporting the news has been replaced by CREATING the news. What a complete buffoon show. Interjecting your opinions into the news is NOT reporting facts which is what true journalism is all about. Perhaps a refresher course is in order for some people. Here's a clue mainstream media: Do not knock me flat on my face and tell me we're ballroom dancing because I'm not going to buy it.

Rush Limbaugh jokingly says that there are two political parties in the US, the Democrats and Racist America, suggesting that if you do not vote for Obama then you are automatically in the racist camp. Democrats are banking on people being uncomfortable being labeled racist, and use this tactic to fight every difference of opinion. They hope shaming us by screaming racist in our direction will be the nudge we need to come to our senses and over to their side. Fortunately, there are many people who choose not to be manipulated by this song and dance. I don't expect Obama supporters to think the way I think so I don't see what's so hard about them extending me that same courtesy.

I can't wait for this whole thing to be over. I have prepared myself for the possibility of not having the man I want in the White House, but I hold unwavering hope that the best man (my man) will win.


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Tabby said...

Well at least we all have the right to vote still :) Politics is a touchy subject to a lot of people, to me I do not like either canidate but thats just my opinion. You are right about the media though, I liked how you put it. Have a great day!

Brandy said...

The media is pushing their own agenda bottom line, it's not responsible journalism, it's sensationalism. They have picked their "man" and will force feed the public whatever they deem necessary to get their "man" in the White House. It is irresponsible and even worse it is irresponsible for the voters to allow that bias to make their own decisions. Smoke and mirrors is what they are getting and what happens when the mirror breaks and the smoke clears? It will be a mess.

Obama's race does not really factor as much as they would like to try and push, not with people who consistently vote their party lines and/or those who are basing their decision on moral beliefs or on experience level.

I also cannot stand how they are pushing these "polls" in our faces. Let me ask you this, have you personally been contacted? I know I haven't so who exactly is voting in these polls? You're right K for every 1 sign I see I see 10 more for McCain so I wonder where they come up with this information.

All Obama had to do was show up? NOT GOOD ENOUGH. That sickens me.

Karen said...

I have not been contacted at all. I do not know anyone who has been contacted which makes me think it is a select group picked for purposes of creating a story line that fits an agenda.

I honestly think those people think we are completely brainless. They are wrong.