Saturday, November 15, 2008


Ugh. I'm so sick of the proposition 8 debate. I am so glad I do not live anywhere near California because the gays are out of control there. I understand being disappointed and wanting to change an outcome that isn't what you had hoped for or counted on, but how about taking your passion and using it in a constructive manner instead of demanding people with differing opinions jump ship over to your side with intimidation tactics? Grabbing a cross from a little old lady, throwing it on the ground and then stomping on it all the while screaming at the little old white haired lady is not the approach that is going to win people over, fyi. Demanding tolerance from your opposition while you are being highly intolerant kind of makes you hypocrites, don't you think?

I have no problem boycotting places of business, civil protests, petitions, rallies (for instance, I am boycotting all mainstream media that failed to report the truth about President-elect Obama, see for a real treat and don't forget to click onto AMERICA SERVES and read all about his intentions for creating a civilian national security force comprised of OUR CHILDREN, oh wait, he's changed his tune and replaced "mandatory service" to "voluntary service" and he replaced "children" with "all Americans" but he does still outline how our children might serve him--the ruler, the messiah, the ONE--ummm...over my dead body!!!), but let's ditch all the hate if your message is supposed to be about celebrating the love between two people. Let's not forget the message.

Lately I've been feeling this great divide between people--the ones who believe Barak Obama will be the great hope and healer, and those who think the Obama presidency will be the end of the America we know and love. The Obama fanatics cannot tell me what it is they think he will do for them (or they say things like he will pay for their gas and mortgage which is completely unrealistic). All they tell me is that he symbolizes hope and change. Super. I guess I should sleep easier knowing these intangibles decided an election, but curiously, I am not. I saw what happened during the campaign when people dared to criticize him--they were silenced, investigated, and harassed--kind of like what the gays are now doing in CA to the Mormons. I cannot tell you how much this alarms me.

Also, celebrity blowhards need to stfu. It's like they cannot stay out of the limelight for even one minute if they know a camera is rolling somewhere, so they rush to the scene to throw in their worthless 2 cents and we're all supposed to think how progressive and hip they are. Newsflash: we don't think you are hip and progressive, we think you need constant attention and will use any agenda as an excuse to get your face on tv. Give it a rest already.

Maybe if the gays and their supporters/celebrities had spent a little more time PRIOR to the election getting the word out and educating people, this wouldn't have happened. How dare the gays and their lunatic supporters intimidate and terrorize other people for exercising their right to vote just because they did not vote their way? This IS STILL AMERICA people, we're allowed to vote without fear of being chased down like criminals for a difference of opinion. At least I hope we are.

I see the mainstream media is back at it with their biased/selective reporting/creating of news. Commenting on the altercation between gays and the little old lady with the cross, the mainstream media said something like "you can see hatred on both sides..." HUH? Was she watching what I was watching? As Judge Judy would say, "Don't pee on me and tell me it's raining."

I don't really care if gays marry. That's their business. I'm sick of sitting back and watching things I know are wrong and not saying anything about it. I've seen dozens of stories documenting the plight of the poor gays who are so oppressed, but I don't see anyone standing up for the people the gays are mercilessly harassing. That's probably because they are white and therefore, automatically "privileged." We mustn't side with the privileged white people. Ever.

Except I am.

Using scare tactics to bully others to bend to your agenda is wrong.


Brandy said...

I'm with you on the bullying and scare tactics. I had a long discussion with my brother about it just yesterday (who is gay btw) and both he and I agree that more time should have been spent pushing their agenda before the election and getting out there and talking to people. Now my brother knows that I do not think they should be "married" but they could have something to where they are entitled to health care benefits of their significant other, etc. I think marriage is between a man and a woman but I do not deny them the right to one another's property, benefits, etc. Basically I say give them the civil union and not deny them that but "marriage" that's a different ballgame to me. I have always told him that I disagree with their entire "movement" because they are not defined by their sexuality and neither am I so I think it should be a nonissue. I think what happens in the bedroom stays there period. That was absurd about the little old lady and I hate the liberal media and the fact that they are hell bent and shoving their agenda down our throats without facts and the gullible public out there lapping it up.

Don't even get me started on the celebrities, damn finish high school and then talk to me. Talk to me without the help of a PR person or someone feeding you your opinion. All I want out of them is what they are paid to do and that's entertain and most of them are poor at that as well.

I'm with you on speaking out about what is wrong and you're right with this entry.

Karen said...

I'm trying to decide whether to start up my own political blog since I'm spending so much time writing about it and I don't want to be a downer. Let me know.

We don't really hear about all the vandalism that has taken place either. MSM, where are you?

Brandy said...

You aren't bothering me. We are just as entitled to rant and rave as the rest of them are so I don't see why move it unless you want too.

MSM is too busy planning spinning things to their liking to be bothered by vandalism.