Friday, November 28, 2008

Save money, not lives

Black Friday Insanity

Go read this article and tell me people aren't crazy. I will not be venturing out to shop today. I have never been a big fan of crowds of unruly people. I especially do not like the way the spirit of the season gets lost in the quest of finding/getting a "good deal." I'm trying hard to be sensible with money, however, I will not participate in madness just to save a few dollars. If you happen to be out there shopping and notice someone knocked over on the floor, and being trampled on, please make sure YOU STOP TO HELP!


Amie said...

That is absolutely horrible. I'm imagining that the back of the crowd was pushing so much that those who were trampling people could not do anything about it. It disgusts me that Wal-Mart is aware and was aware that day that this happens, why not pass out tickets for items like other stores do? It completely could have been avoided.

As much as I enjoy shopping, I don't go out on Black Friday. There isn't a deal good enough to make me go out...and, besides the limited quantity early bird specials, nothing else is that remarkable of a deal, in fact, sometimes it's less of a deal than on other weekends. I think it's a scam, and it works.

Brandy said...

I have gone out for the last twelve years but I am never after the "big ticket" items like TVs and computers because truth be told they mark those bitches down several times a year and you just have to be patient. I've only seen one horrible accident in the last twelve years and had to make a 911 call over it and that was three years ago when some poor old man tripped over a pallet and hit the floor hard. Other than that, thankfully the people here seem to be okay. Of course you hear the grumbling, etc. but I have never seen anyone become truly out of line with one another.

I am sickened over that poor man who worked at Walmart and his family that I have thought of little else since then. When does the human life equal less than a flat screen tv? What kind of society have we truly become when we are willing to camp out to have the latest things and take another's life without batting an eye. It is horrifically upsetting and I just cannot stand it.

Anonymous said...

So horrible! No Black Friday shopping here this year. I was just thankful to be home! :) Working dilgently to get the tree decorated.