Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hollywood brilliance

More Hollywood brilliance.

It seems that Hollywood has its hands in everything. Every time I turn on the news I am met with some Hollywood know-nothing-who-thinks-he-knows-everything telling me how I should vote, what I should support, how I should feel. These directionless fools think we CARE what they think. Anything to get their faces plastered on a tv screen or in newsprint somewhere. It would be funny if it wasn't so shameless and dangerous.

Here's a newsflash for Hollywood types who think their audiences are comprised of followers waiting in the wings for direction from them: Stick to your talents of singing or acting and leave the THINKING/DOING to those of us who have working brain cells and can do more than "perform." Thank you!


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Brandy said...

Nothing pissed me off more than to hear these celebrities spew their "beliefs" onto us. Many of whom never even finished high school, many of whom are NOT registered voters, et cetera. They should stick to what they do best and that's read lines from a script.