Friday, January 23, 2009

I hate that my pictures come with the extra space at the top and at the bottom but oh well. In the scheme of life, it's just a little annoyance. lol This is a picture I took while waiting to pull into traffic. The sunset was gorgeous! Glad to feel temps have warmed up into the fifties today. There are some things needing tending to in the yard and I can fiddle around out there without freezing my knuckles off.

Thought I would play a little game here in that I would answer questions about myself, as long as they aren't too personal. lol Maybe whoever is in Kentucky and searched me out will come forward to play along too since I must be intriquing or something. Really, I'm just a person with a family, kids, a couple dogs and cats who lives like mainstream America. Maybe it's a coincidence on the search because I don't know a single soul in Kentucky. Granted if you search JCINNC you will come upon lots of links that don't pertain to me at all. Maybe whoever it was just saw Party of Three and decided to give it a look. Oh, never ask to post a pic of any member of my immediate family or extended family. That would be pushing it unless you are a friend and it's done through email.

So, ask away~


Karen said...

I don't know anyone in Kentucky either. Maybe it's another jinnc that they are looking for since there seems to be more than just you who goes by that name. I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think anyone is stalking you or anything.

It's beautiful here today, too! Hope you have a great day.

JCInNC said...

Yea, I'm not worrying about it, I just find it odd. So, no questions you want answered? Maybe you don't have to ask me because you know me so well. :)

Karen said...

I have a question for you. What type of blogs do you like to read and why? Mom blogs? Political blogs? Personal diary blogs? Also, what kind of blogs do you hate?

JCInNC said...

Good questions! I love to read blogs on quilting. Boring to many I know, but it's always a pleasure to see what the novices and pros are making. Political blogs are good, too but I won't go back to one that is clearly just a Democratic view. A mix between both parties is good. Oh, and anyone that constantly talks about Obama being so wonderful well, they lost me as a reader. lol A blog I won't continue to read is one that is constantly focusing on the negative and rehashes. They bore me and my thoughts are if you are that unhappy, only you can make a change. But hey, it's their blog and their right to write about what they want, just like my entries probably bore the hell out of people. I just won't go back. There are some blogs that write just for the comments and again, it's always the same stuff day in and day out. Lost me as a reader. Basically I'm across the board in what I read and I can't really pinpoint it down to one or two specific types. Make sense? LOL

Karen said...

I think I'm the same way. I lean more toward political blogs now--conservative ones although I read a couple of liberal ones just to get a feel for what they're posting. I've gotten away from reading other types of blogs except for a couple of my favorites.

I purged my bloglines of a lot of blogs I'd been reading for years when I realised what a waste of my time they were--especially those bloggers who never get past things and are constantly rehashing the same crap for YEARS. I'm like--get over it already you drama queens! It just became so obvious that the point of them clinging to the past is keeping attention on themselves and that's just sad. Get a real life. Find things to be happy about inside yourself. Sheesh! I agree it's their right to post what they want but I don't have to read it anymore and I'm not. They're like soap operas. You can take a break for two years and turn on the show and you won't have missed a thing because they stay stagnant.

Anyhow, I read blogs now where I feel I can learn things. I'm all about knowing as much as I can.

JCInNC said...

Pretty much my thoughts and why I don't and never have really watched soaps.

Hope the weather there is gorgeous because it was here!