Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Thoughts

Just going through old pics on the computer and figured I'd share a pic of the past. If you were to walk in my house, you will find quilts almost everywhere. They are not for decoration only, they are to be used regardless of where they are sitting throughout the house.

I was able to bring mom back home after me being up there for four days. Her next round of chemo starts next week and with her feeling well enough to travel, hubby and I (along with mom) decided it best she come here and get acclimated to her new "apartment". Since her surgery and a short break in chemo to recover, she's grown a little stubble on her head. I've become so used to her being bald, that even seeing pics pre-cancer with hair, she looks so different. A sign of hair falling out is a tender head and sure enough, that stubble is already coming out. She's comfortable being bald and I think that's great. She's fared this last round of chemo better than expected, we just hope for the same with the forthcoming treatments. Experience has shown me that with each round of chemo, side affects become worse and the person becomes that much weaker. We'll keep our fingers crossed and our prayers ongoing. We are heading back out next week and depending on how she feels, after her nupergen shots (one everyday for 4 days post chemo) we will be back until the next round.

Today has warmed up a tad and tomorrow is to hit the fifties. Yahoo! I'm so over this bitter cold crap. No snow, no reason for it to be so damn cold. Right, B? lol

I watched very little of the Inauguration. I'm just not getting all the hype about him. I want to believe he will make a change, but we'll see.

The tot mom in Florida needs a public hanging even more with the new shocking evidence presented. Who kills their baby, wraps their mouth in duct tape and puts a heart sticker on the tape over the mouth area? Sick, sick girl.

And some more disturbing news that the degenerate that stabbed the girl at Virginia Tech yesterday beheaded her. How can a human being hurt and kill another?

Things here are quiet and that is good~

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Karen said...

I love your quilts! I have books all over my house just like you have quilts all over yours!

I'm glad you brought your mom home to your house. I hope she's happy there!

I didn't watch the inauguration--just caught pieces of it afterwards. Although I like kool-aid, I can't seem to drink whatever it is that so many people have drunk to be so high on someone who has done nothing but talk in circles from the get-go. Sorry, my bullshit meter goes haywire whenever he's speaking.

Casey Anthony needs to be punished severely for what she has done. I can't even stand watching reports on her anymore because she's such a vile person. Who kills a child? Nobody I want to know...

I just read about that Virginia Tech student. The world has gone mad!